Rocalia consolidates its position as the top French natural stone Trade Fair Show

The second edition of Rocalia held at Lyon-Eurexpo on 3rd, 4th and 5th December in parallel with Paysalia confirmed its position as the only Trade Fair Show in France totally dedicated to natural stone and which aims to develop the national natural stone sector. Organized by GL events Exhibitions and Pierre Actual magazine it attracted 148 exhibitors representing 256 brands. 29,912 visitors, up 13.2% on 20171, attended Rocalia and Paysalia and participated in the many events.

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A record attendance

Valorisation of know-how, a friendly atmosphere and meetings were the focus of this edition enjoyed by the visitors as well as the exhibitors – main stakeholders on the French stone market (producers, wholesalers, machine manufacturers, etc.) – from France and other countries with numbers up 18.4% (34% of whom were here for the first time). Rocalia attracts 36% of exhibitors from outside France, mainly from Italy, Spain, Belgium, Portugal and Morocco. This is also the case for visitors, with 9.28% from outside France2.

Rocalia19_Ambiance_57©NicolasRodet.jpgPhoto credit: Nicolas Rodet

Mobilisation supported by highly committed partners

Photo credit: Nicolas Rodet

The success of this second edition is also due to the commitment of Rocalia’s historical natural stone sector partners which highlights the professionalism of the Show organizers and everyone’s motivation to make it happen. A federative event, Rocalia exists because the whole sector wants it. Both in its spirit and its contents, it expresses the passion, solidarity and modernity of a sector which has updated itself and yet still remains one of the spearheads of traditional French know-how.




An offer and contents with strong added value for the professionals

Rocalia’s value-added is the quality, diversity and renewal it proposes to professionals.

A focus for visitors the Rocalia Forum was the stage for demonstrations and conferences on current topics – a place and an opportunity to keep up with the latest innovations and to meet and discuss with experts about the properties of natural stone, its wide range of applications and the innovations driving the sector.

The very successful Heritage Day on Wednesday, 4th December, featured a guided tour of the Grand Hôtel-Dieu in Lyon led by Listed Buildings Chief Architect Didier Repellin which attracted architects and public authorities.



Photo credit: Revue Pierre Actual - Laurent Farges



Synergy with Paysalia also makes it possible to target public authorities, specifiers and landscape designers with a global offer focused on plants and minerals.



Another benefit of the event is the wealth of the materials on show and the presentation of many stone typologies that meet all needs like slate, grey stone, granite, sandstone, marble, limestone and schist, etc. Rocalia is the only international Trade Fair Show totally dedicated to sustainable natural stone which can be reused for centuries – a symbol of the circular economy.

The events and conferences proposed by the Show partners on their stand in the Rocalia Forum are characteristic of Rocalia. A typical example was the officialization of the Indication Géographique (Geographical ascription) for the Pierres marbrières (Marbled stones) from the Rhône-Alpes region organised by Rhônapi on Wednesday, 4th December. Another characteristic of Rocalia is the events and conferences proposed by increasingly active partners who use the Show as a platform to organize their own events and multiply meetings!

Focus on design and architecture!

Due to its diversity, grains, colours, veinings and finishes, natural stone attracts designers, architects and decorators. Their creations were highlighted in the Rocalia Design Expo, and by the “Building in natural stone in the 21st century” contest, the prizes for which were awarded in the Rocalia Forum on Tuesday, 3rd December.

2019 Prize Winners

  • Grand Prix – Plainfaing Tourist Office
  • Special Jury Prize – Fountain on the Place de l'Atre
  • Innovation Prize – Wine storehouse and vault Champagne Deutz Delas Frères
  • Urban Development Prize – Design of public spaces in Montauban
  • Building Prize – Royal Champagne Hotel & Spa

We look forward to seeing you again at Eurexpo-Lyon, France, from 30th November to 2nd December 2021!

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1 : Paysalia / Rocalia in 2017 : 26,422 visitors
2 : Paysalia / Rocalia visitors

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