Paysalia and Rocalia: a subtle embrace between plants and minerals

18 October 2019

Rocalia opened for the first time last year in parallel with Paysalia to demonstrate the obvious synergy between plants and minerals. These sectors are very close to one another and this was a great opportunity for professionals confronted with the same challenges to meet up. 

A fusional meeting between landscaping and natural stone

Rocalia 2017 was a great success and highlighted the synergy between minerals and plants. The events are organized jointly to allow visitors and exhibitors to have discussions focused on these two very complementary trades.
The proximity of landscaping and natural stone is also featured this year in spaces at the Show. The Rocalia forum is designed by famous Italian architect Giuseppe Fallacara and executed by the Compagnons du Devoirstonecutters and landscapers.

© Mario Ciampi, François Neveux, landscape designer

© Philippe Perdereau / Atelier Jean Mus & Compagnie, landscape designer

Nature dialogues with architecture in gardens
(Jean-Michel Wilmotte, architect)

Plants and minerals are so complementary…

Minerals are very important in gardens and the ways in which they are used blends naturally in with plants. This is particularly true for paving and the creation of pools and steps.  

© Pascal Tournaire, François Neveux, landscape designer

Stonework highlights contemporary gardens. Sometimes there are extraordinary encounters.
(Jean-Mus, landscape designer)

We give you a “must” appointment on December 3rd, 4th and 5th next at Eurexpo, Lyon, France to take part in the Shows and observe this beautiful synergy between minerals and plants.

When you visit the Rocalia Forum you can also see the Acoustic Shell project designed by Giuseppe Fallacara and executed by the Compagnons du Devoir Stone and Landscaping students. A project which emphasizes the art of stereotomy as well as landscape design.

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