Natural stone serves art: the Grande Petite Collection

18 March 2019

New Zealand designer Hayden Martis creates limited-edition pieces from beautifully crafted natural materials in his London studio. His design process results in in projects combining technical challenge and exceptional refinement.


During a visit to a show in Verona in October 2016, Hayden Martis met Françoise Naudet, from the Savoir-French agency. Having noticed the designer's fascination with the extravagance of Black marble, Françoise Naudet then organized a meeting with Giorgio Rivieri from Escavamar, as well as a visit to Moulis' career a month later. Since that day, Hayden has undertaken several projects around this stone.

Today, he launches a new Aubert’s Grand Antique marble design collection, named Grande Petite Collection.

If the designer was first attracted by the unique texture of Grand Antique marble, his attachment to this stone goes beyond simple aesthetic criteria.


Why Choose a French natural stone for creations?

Hayden MARTIS: France has a long and beautiful history of stone. In the case of my recent works in the Grand Antique marble, after initially being attracted by its strange and unique texture I become fascinated with its long & intriguing past - from the Romans having found and worked this tiny quarry, to Louis XIV having tried and failed multiple times to find it for Versailles.

For me, there was a beautiful, romantic story of loss and rejuvenation to tell - which is what I live for as an Artist & Designer.

This collection, aiming metaphorically to bring a touch of majesty in the house, consists of three unique pieces:

Candlestick (pair), Dish, Vase
Grande Petite Collection, Hayden Martis


What are the trends in natural stone?

HM: I don’t follow trends. Stone will always be stone. Warm, infinite, and of this earth. Human.

Why visit fairs as a designer?

HM: Stone fairs are a great way for the designer to see many different types of stone all in one place.
 It’s a true luxury and saves a lot of travel and logistics as quarries are often few and far apart. Quarries also are sure to bring their best stone to show, which due to the transient nature of the natural product, may not be available to see if you were to go and visit the quarry/yard.


Our thanks to Hayden Martis for his participation.
To discover more of his achievements:

His website
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On this point, the Rocalia 2019 fair will host a hundred exhibitors suppliers of materials, tools and materials from France and Europe, will hold thematic conferences and will propose events such as the Competition of Architecture. Perhaps the opportunity for other beautiful projects to bloom, like Hayden Martis' Grande Petite Collection.

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