Who organizes Rocalia ?

Rocalia is the result of close collaboration between 2 experts, Pierre Actual and GL events Exhibitions, who decided to provide the natural stone sector with its own exhibition.




"We had the idea of a Stone Show in France several years ago. The disappearance or poor performances of several shows in Europe and the will of many players to give a new impetus to the French natural stone sector convinced us to take up this big challenge.
This is why GL events Exhibitions and Pierre Actual, reference expert in the field of natural stone with Les Editions Le Mausolée, founded in 1933, have joined forces to launch Rocal ia - the dedicated natural stone show.

Rocal ia is dedicated to natural stone professionals and specifiers of ornamental rocks for building and construction industries, decoration, heritage restoration, urban developments and landscaping.


Rocalia will show all the materials, products, equipments, tools and services specific to the sector. We hope that all professionals and trade associations active in stone working will adopt this event as their own and make it a “must”.


During the exhibition we will organise a full programme of events to attract the broadest possible spectrum of visitors from France and abroad.

Rocalia 2017 is already in the starting blocks. It is up to all of us to get it running!"


Noémi Petit, Show manager

Claude Gargi, Publication manager with Pierre Actual magazine

(Bookstore specializing in natural stone and its related trades.)