The stone in the spotlight

For the first edition of Rocalia show, take a break and prepare your visit here with the preparation centre. Don't miss the Rocalia Club as well !


Visit preparation centre


The PAYSALIA and ROCALIA visit preparation centre has been set-up and vegetated thanks to a synergie between different federations and enterprises of plants, landcsape and stone sectors.


Landscape architects from the regional FFP volunteered to create the preparation area : Sophie Labouré, project manager, assisted by Caroline Bellott and Guillaume Pierre, with the support of Franck Viollet and Séverine Clédat.

Martin Muriot and Yanick Lasica, from FFPPS, have coordonated the project with stone quarries and the wall builders.



And more especially the companies participating in this project :


  1. Montdardie quarry and stone cutting
  2. Stand N°6B11



  1. Le granit de nos carrières à votre ville
  2. Stand N°6C22


  1. A Handicraft Company - 3rd generation


  1. Landscaping school - Grenoble Saint Ismier
  2. BTS landscape installation students and their teachers


And for Paysalia :


  1. Producer of big and exceptional ornamental plants - certified organic farming
  2. Stand N°4G78


  1. Producer of ornamental plants in containers
  2. Stand N°4G78


  1. Made to measure furniture for flowers
  2. Stand N°4F50



  1. Earth-coloured Armorican Massif sandstone
  2. Stand N°5F110


  1.  Every kind of stone for your landscaping and urban works
  2. Stand N°5E58


  1. The classes of "Landscape gardener" CAP (Certificate of Aptitude), Bac Pro "Landscape Installations" - and their trainers
  2. Stand N°5E97



 The Rocalia Club



Since 2002, Elisabeth Polzella is an architect. She studied at Grenoble architecture school and at « Universita degli studi di Roma « La Sapienza ». She is working in Lyon since 2004, and as a freelancer since 2012.




Her work is caraterized by her love for construction and her knowledge in materials : stone, wood and earth. Her projects higlight nature materials in a constructive expression allying sincerity, intuition, harmony, and the anchorage in history.


Considering that the practice of her job is closely linked to teaching skills and to learning, she is teaching for about twenty years in differents National Architecture Schools : Grenoble, Montpellier and Lyon.

She is a member of Rhônapi association, partner number one at Rocalia show, and that’s why she had to design and coordinate « Rocalia Club ». Maxime Terriac, master student at ENSA and at « école Centrale », is her co-worker on this project.


For the Rocalia club, Elisabeth Polzella propose to the local companies of the Rhônapi association to build the furnitures drawn by her.

The concept proposed is inspired by « la chaussée des Géants » : each stone will have her own height and her own role. Together it will form one thing, build of diversity : the diversity expressed by unique creations of the architect, by the highlight of local stones and by the know-how of the partners companies.


Design and realization of stone furniture


Grateful to Rhonapi association.




  1. Euromarbles - Stand 6C30


  1. Brocatelle - Stand 6B22


  1. Graniterie du Forez: Stand 6F06



  1. Masson SA: Stand 5B02


  1. Moyne Tradition


  1. Yelmini - Stand 6F26


  1. Carrières et Marbrerie de Labeaume
  2. Entreprise Coquaz et Beal
  3. Gomet Granit
  4. Grain d'Orge
  5. L'atelier de la pierreMaison Dérudet
  6. Marbrerie Générale du Rhône
  7. SETP, Carrières de Comblanchien


Blocs of stone



And more surprises to come...