The Stereotomy Expo


The know-how and innovation of the art of stereotomy will be highlighted in a dedicated exhibition.


Photo credit : the Association Des Hommes et des Cailloux


For this occasion, a space will be dedicated to the project "La feuille" of the association Des Hommes et Cailloux. The aim of the project is to create a structure that meets the different needs that can be encountered during a day: resting, enjoying the sun or even sheltering.


Many resources were needed to implement this project. From a human point of view, the association called on a designer, Vincent Dauphin, to sketch the project and put the project on paper. The association also had to resort to computer-aided design software. Once the project is materialized and ready to be carried out, the volunteers have embarked on the project, which should last about 5 years.


You can immerse yourself in the design and realization of this titanic project throughout the exhibition !


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