Architectural contest

Photo credit : Russian orthodox and cultural center
Wilmotte et Associés in Massangis stone


The contest « Construire en pierre naturelle au XXIème siècle » is dedicated to promote natural stone for construction.


Organised by the union SNROC and the magazine Pierre Actual, the contest « Construire en pierre naturelle au XXIème siècle » rewards recent achievements made in France, using mostly natural stone produced in France or processed in France : limestone rock, marble, lava, granite, sandstone, slate…


The Prizes will be awarded in the three following categories:

  • Building (individual or collective)
  • Urban design and planning
  • Other achievements : interior decoration, landscaping, restoration….

A Special Prize will be awarded to the achievement that is the most advanced in terms of environmental criteria, sustainable development and circular economy, or presenting a major innovation (production, implementation).


Lastly, the Grand Prize will be awarded, within all the contestants, to the most representative achievements for natural stone building in the 21st century.


 Winners of the Architectural contest 2017

  1. Grand prize: Domaine d'Ott - architecte Carl Fredrik Svenstedt
  2. Building prize: Centre éducatif fermé - Domaine des Chutes Lavie - Combas Architectes
  3. Urban design and planning prize: Promenade de Fontaines-sur-Saône - Boursier-Mougenod Paysagiste
  4. Sustainable development prize: Mas à Eygalières - Atelier Cité Architecture
  5. Special Mention of the Jury: Hypar Gate & Hypar Vault - Giuseppe Fallacara - Politecnico di Bari