September 15, 2017

Guide to natural stones in France - Focus on limestone

Last month, we introduced you to the guide of the SNROC about the natural stones of France. Each month, we will present a focus on a different stone. Let's discover the limestone.

Mainly used in the building sector, it generates a turnover of € 87 885 000 (2015), but it is also found in roads and monuments and funeral items.

Created generally at the bottom of the oceans, calcareous stones are sedimentary rocks particularly appreciated for their clear and luminous hues and the grain of their skin.

Present in most French regions where it has contributed greatly to building an exceptional built heritage, particularly in Paris, limestone offers a rich range of aspects and textures that are extremely well suited to any project in the fields of construction , exterior spaces and fittings, and decoration.

Its natural beauty allows it to blend harmoniously with materials as rustic, natural, as contemporary.

Thanks to it, many designers are now rediscovering the mechanical and thermal qualities of solid stone construction.

Download the guide here

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