June 20, 2018

Spotlight on training: a dedicated stand at Rocalia 2017 (3/3)

Training for stone trades was highlighted during the Rocalia 2017 on a stand featuring works by students and the exclusive launch of the vocational training in stone trades course catalogue. These projects were initiated by Didier Esselin, State Inspector of Education. Discover or see again the works presented at the Show.

  • Lego



Education level: CAP (Proficiency) in marble cutting for buildings and decoration

Training centre: CFA UNICEM Louvigné du Désert - Brittany






  •  Gargoyles cut from Lens stone






 Education level: Additional training by local initiative Ornamentation - Clarification - Sculpture







  • Sit and trip – can be dismantled! Made from Molière sandstone and oak




Exercise: Reception work in partnership with a designer







  • Samaritaine made from gold-gilded enamelled lava



Exercise: Enamelling on marble

Education level: CAP (Proficiency)

Training centre: IMAPEC Traces of Volvic stone








  • Engraving on white and black marbles - the subject is olive oil







Exercise: Hand engraving on marble

Education level: BMA Engraving on stone










Discover or discover again the pieces already presented


Photos of Rocalia 2017